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A bright future for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for September 28, 2018

Write David Dahl’s name in permanent ink in the Rockies’ lineup. It’ll be there so long as he’s healthy. | Denver Post ($)

There have been many factors in the Rockies recent win streak, and one major influence has been the home run streak of one Mr. David Dahl. He has shown that he has real potential to be the Rockies star of the future. While he’s had some trouble staying healthy, 2018 Dahl has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He is the first Colorado player to hit home runs in four consecutive games, and he has shown us that he can be the Colorado outfielder of the future. Hopefully he can contribute to the Rockies gaining the first division title in their history.

Trevor Story deserves the NL MVP | Mile High Sports

The Rockies are looking incredible right now, poised to take the division. This is thanks to a number of different things, but none more so than Trevor Story and his historic season. Regardless of the fact that he’s playing at Coors, Story is definitely worthy of the NL MVP title. His numbers are absolutely undeniable, and he has come through for the Rockies in a very real way. He continues to break and set records for Denver, showing that he has what it takes.

Colorado Rockies: Doing what they have to do in a pennant chase | Rox Pile

The Rockies fell apart there for a minute, losing the NL West lead after getting swept by the Dodgers. Their playoff chances stood at 25%, but as they came into Thursday, that statistic jumped to 88%. Their offense has been on fire, with an unreal run differential. While they’re looking like a playoff caliber team, they still have to make it through the rest of the season. They need to continue to play like they have been. The pitching rotation has to maintain where it’s been, with ace Kyle Freeland and new strikeout king German Marquez. The next few days are going to make or break the Rockies chance at their first division title.

Black waiting to name starter for Sunday’s finale |

German Marquez had a phenomenal game in Wednesday night’s victory. His record night might not be the end of his season. Kyle Freeland is scheduled to play in Friday’s game, then Saturday, Jon Gray is set to play. The season finale has yet to be announced, and it’s not impossible to think that it might be Marquez on the mound. It would mean just a short rest for him, but he still could be the best option among Chad Bettis and Tyler Anderson. We just might wrap up the season with the new strikeout king.

Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning fires up Coors Field during Rockies’ final homestand | Denver Post ($)

Getting Peyton Manning on the Rockies scoreboard has been in the works for a while now. And who did Rockies fans see on Thursday afternoon but the sheriff cheering on the home team. The Super Bowl 50 winner is certainly iconic, and if there’s anyone who can get the fans on their feet, it’s Manning.