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Colorado Rockies podcast: Rox in the driver’s seat for a postseason push

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks about the final regular season series of 2018

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Last week, after the Rockies were swept in Los Angeles and looked to be on death’s doorstep in 2018, we hosted a show that featured a comedian and a whole lot of #AskPDPs so we didn’t have to think much about how bad that series was and what it could have meant for this season. This week, things are just about as different as they could possibly be.

The Rockies head into the final series of the season on a seven-game winning streak, with a magic number of 3 to clinch the division title, and facing a Washington Nationals team that is no longer in contention this year. More than that, they hold their postseason destiny in their own hands, which is something we’ve not often said about the Rockies heading into the last weekend of any year. Sweep the Nationals, and you’ve won the division. Win two out of three from the Nationals and, if the Dodgers drop one game in San Francisco, you’re division champions. Win one from the Nationals and, if the Dodgers drop two...well you get the point. It’s all out there to be had.

How did we get here from last week? What has clicked in this Rockies team? Just how scary are the Rockies going forward? What could a collapse that results in possibly missing the playoffs entirely (an actual possibility) mean for the Dodgers? We’ll discuss.

Plus we take some #AskPDPs because things are so dang fun lately. All that and more on the 150th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Breathe deep. It’s going to be a fun weekend.