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Trevor Story’s adjustments are a major reason for the Rockies’ success

Rockies news and links for September 5, 2018

Trevor Story Is Making An All-Time Improvement | FanGraphs

When Trevor Story first came on the major-league scene in 2016, people took notice. After hitting two home runs in his first game, he continued to get hit after hit, proving his power was no fluke. He hit a bit of a wall though, thanks to injuries followed by a sophomore slump. This happens often, but it is the rare star who can recover and become one of the league’s best players. Last year, Story struck out all too often. In 2018, though, he has managed to not only improve his strikeout rate, but also his contact rate. When we analyze what has changed, it seems to come down to Story’s mechanics. There’s also a touch more confidence. He just looks ready to walk up to the plate. Story is having a phenomenal year, and he’s a major reason for the team’s success.

Colorado Rockies: August numbers you should know | Rox Pile

August was kind of an odd month for the Rockies. Leading up to the final days of summer, June was dismal, July was fantastic, and August was smack in the middle, with a 14-14 record. Lucky for them, this was enough to keep them in the race for the NL West. A good thing to focus on is the Rockies impressive stretch against teams over .500. Starting pitching was excellent, with German Marquez and Kyle Freeland dominating the mound. While Tyler Anderson has struggled lately, he seems to be heading toward getting back on track. Hitting has also been working in the Rockies favor, with Story continuing his incredible stretch, not to mention welcoming Matt Holliday back to Denver. A few days into September, and the Rockies are showing that they are in it to win it.

Rockies fortify roster with September callups |

As the Rockies take the lead in the NL West, they are bolstering the team with the September roster expansion. Some are familiar faces, such as Raimel Tapia, Chris Hampson, and Sam Howard. Some got called up for the first time, like D.J. Johnson and Yonathan Daza. This depth will help solidify the team in their bid for the playoffs. They all show promise and have something to offer. It’s still a remarkably tight race as the end of the regular season approaches, and everyone will have to give everything they have. They can’t get too comfortable, continuing to push all the way to the end.