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Rockies 5, Giants 3: Trevor Story hits 3 home runs in Colorado win

The Trevor Story game

Trevor Story knocked three solo home runs — his second tied it and his third gave the Rockies the lead — and the Rockies completed the sweep of the Giants with the 5-3 win. They’re 1.5 games ahead of the Dodgers for first place in the National League West.

The Trevor Story game

Story’s first home run of the night, which traveled an estimated 459 feet, didn’t seem like the type of home run that would be overshadowed. I mean, the man fell over while hitting it.

Trevor Story’s second home run overshadowed the first. That’s what an estimated distance that starts with a 5 will do. That’s also not the type of home run to be overshadowed. And yet.

Trevor decided to hit another one. While the third home run itself was neither a 500 footer nor one that saw a comical fall over, made the cumulative effort more of a story than the individual home runs.

This was the 17th three-home run game in Rockies history. Nolan Arenado, who hit three against the Padres in July 2017, was the last player to do it. Story’s the 13th Rockies player to hit three home runs in a game. Carlos González and Todd Helton each did it twice, and Larry Walker did it three times.

What a game. What a season. What a player.

Antonio Senzatela does enough

It wasn’t a sharp outing, but Antonio Senzatela battled his way through five innings, and fortunately the Rockies offense was able to keep pace. Senzatela gave up three runs in his first four innings, which itself is impressive considering the nine hits and two walks he allowed. It looked like he was going to unravel in the fifth tough. A single and a walk to start the fifth suggested that the Giants might add more, and that Senzatela’s night would end before the game was official. But Senzatela struck out a couple batters and recorded the third out. That kept the game tied at three. Story and the bullpen took care of the rest.

Looking ahead

The Rockies are off Thursday, and they begin a crucial seven-game stretch against the Dodgers and Diamondbacks Friday. This is going to be fun.