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Can the 2018 Rockies be like the 2007 Rockies?

Rockies news and links for September 7, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Ryan McMahon is providing flashbacks to 2007 | Rox Pile

Ryan McMahon has been a pretty heroic figure in several of the games in the last couple weeks. He’s had some downright clutch hits, reminding some of 2007’s Seth Smith. Smith was a September call-up who delivered when it counted in that magical stretch for the Rockies. There are some differences, as Smith got called up for the first time there at the end of the season, while McMahon has been around for a good chunk of the season. A main similarity is that the Rockies need to have outstanding performances from more than just the big names, and the 2018 Rockies have that kind of depth. All year we have seen comparisons to the 2007 Rockies, and we can only hope that we have a similar kind of end result.

Colorado Rockies podcast: Let’s talk about the Trevor Story game | Rox Pile

In Wednesday night’s game, Trevor Story hit three outstanding home runs. He’s starting to garner a lot of attention, as he has become a big component to the Rockies being undefeated in September. These three home runs put him across the 30-home-run mark, and he’s just 5 stolen bases short of joining the 30-30 club. And that’s just part of the Story story. He’s putting up remarkable numbers in a number of different categories, proving himself invaluable to this baseball club.

Something’s Gotten Into German Marquez | FanGraphs

The Rockies have shown some impressive improvements in the pitching department. Kyle Freeland’s had a banner year, Jon Gray has recovered from an iffy start, and we cannot forget German Marquez. His ERA is third in the league in the second half of the season. The 23-year-old is striking out one-third of the batters he faces, and he’s developed into a more dynamic pitcher from last year, adding a changeup and a slider to his repertoire. He’s gotten more consistent, which has helped an already solid pitcher become even more dominant. Marquez might be a little overshadowed, but he’s certainly one of the best.

Column: The NFL season is here, but this local is locked in on the Rockies | Mile High Sports

Football season is starting. The Broncos are back in town, and that usually draws all the attention in Denver. However, the Rockies deserve their fair share. They are currently at the top of the NL West, sitting in a sweet spot with things seeming to go their way. While football and the Broncos are great, the Rockies are poised to do something great. Their comeback victories have been heart-stopping, the stars have been shining brightly, and it is an exciting time in baseball on Blake Street.

Kenley Jansen should miss weekend series in Colorado as precaution | True Blue LA

The Rockies are playing the Dodgers this weekend in a series that could mean solidifying the lead for one of these two teams. Kenley Jansen will be sitting out this series due to his irregular heartbeat. The Dodgers are more concerned with protecting Jansen’s health. It’s a wise move, and we’ll see how the two teams fare this weekend.