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Colorado Rockies podcast: The most important series of the season (so far)

The Rockies open a critical series with the Dodgers Friday

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This weekend is the series you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the final full month of the regular season, and your, my, and our Colorado Rockies are in first place and welcoming the Los Angeles Dodgers to town for the first of a three-game set. The Dodgers pushed back Clayton Kershaw’s start to Friday to line up with Jon Gray. This is it. Everything is on the line over the next three weeks. This is the whole point of your fandom, so GET EXCITED, KIDDIES.

We’ll discuss Trevor Story’s insane Wednesday night game, what’s made him so good this season, and where the Rockies would be without him this year. Plus, German Márquez continues to be a star in the making and a worthy component in a potential postseason rotation along with Kyle Freeland and Jon Gray.

Since we missed last week, we try to make it up to you in a weak way by answering a rash of #AskPDP questions from what times of day are sufficient to call “brunch” and what the most nerve-wracking games have been for fans in franchise history. All that and more on the 147th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Crack it open and sit poolside with it because summer ain’t over yet!