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Nolan Arenado sits out of Rockies win

Rockies news and notes for September 9, 2018

Rockies' Nolan Arenado held out against Dodgers | Denver Post
The Rockies won and increased their division lead over the Dodgers on Saturday, but they did it without Nolan Arenado. Arenado got a much needed day off, and as Patrick Saunders writes, he wasn't too happy about it. But he understands why that his day off is in the context of the worst of his career slump, and will take it, especially since it's possible his shoulder may still be tender. Whether or not Arenado's struggles are due to the minor injury he suffered in early August, let's hope the night off is rejuvenating for Arenado.

Nolan Arenado insists shoulder not causing slump | Rox Pile

On that note, Rox Pile’s Kevin Henry writes that Arenado is sure that his shoulder isn’t to blame for his recent struggles. Arenado told reporters that it affects his throwing at times, but not his hitting. That may be true, but one of the under-recognized consequences of injuries is that they can have a cascading affect. The shoulder may not be bothering Arenado while he’s at the plate, but the ways in which he compensates for a sore shoulder in other parts of the game may be.

Lindor, Story closing in on shortstop history |’s Matthew Leach writes about the new boom in shortstops throughout the major leagues — one that’s reminiscent of the 90s. In particular, he looks at Francisco Lindor and Trevor Story, who may be creating a distinct niche for themselves this season: “With Story’s next double, he’ll become the first shortstop in history with 30 homers, 40 doubles, and 25 steals in the same season, unless Lindor beats him to it. With three steals, Lindor will join -- or create — that exclusive club.”

Okay, it’s sort of a contrived club, but I’m here for anything that makes Story’s season stand out and garner more attention.