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Baseball’s offseason and the worst kind of Groundhog Day

The winter months can create a unique assortment of problems for those of us who write about baseball.

I have a problem. When one has a problem, it can often help to share one’s troubles with their fellow human beings. It can be very unhealthy to bottle up negative emotions. Thus, I have decided to share my problem with the Purple Row community.

The problem I have is recurring. It happens at least three times a week. Coincidentally, I am also scheduled to write this site’s Rockpiles three times a week. Every time this issue creeps up on me, it’s the same. It’s like Groundhog Day if it weren’t Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer and starred Rob Schneider instead of Bill Murray. Much like in the movie, this problem has become akin to a nightmare for me.

Here’s my problem:

Divisional Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Colorado Rockies - Game Three Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I am sick of seeing this picture.

When we write article at Purple Row, we choose the story’s image on the home page with a photo tool that features images from Getty and USA Today photographers. The default search term is “Colorado Rockies,” so any photo with the name of the club in the caption gets a return, with the most recent image appearing first.

So, right now and since October, the first image that automatically appears is this picture of Milwaukee Brewers’ infielder Orlando Arcia and third base coach Ed Sedar celebrating after Arcia hit a solo home run off Colorado Rockies’ closer Wade Davis in the ninth inning of Game 3 of the 2018 National League Division Series.

The 2018 NLDS was an unmitigated disaster for the Rockies, particularly for the team’s offense. In a very fun season, the NLDS is one aspect many Rockies fans wouldn’t mind forgetting.

But I can’t forget it. Because it’s there every time I open the photo tool. And it causes me the same feelings of numbness that I endured while watching the entirety of the NLDS.

By no means am I faulting the good people at Getty or USA Today for my problem. Their photographers take amazing photos that are a delight to sift through and really help to spruce up our home page. But does anyone have the power to at least shuffle which image appears first? I wouldn’t mind finding a charming picture of 2007 Brad Hawpe appearing first from time to time. Even a photo of Dinger would be a delight. But no, it’s that same image every time because there has been no Major League Baseball in Colorado since this bitter end.

But here’s the good news: it won’t stay this way. We will get to see new images again in a matter of months. Maybe it will be images of Trevor Story hitting a walk-off home run. Maybe it will feature Nolan Arenado making a sparkling defensive play. Maybe we’ll see Garrett Hampson hitting his first big league home run. Maybe we will rejoice in seeing one of the many talented young starting pitchers finishing off the best-pitched game in franchise history. And if it happens to be a raw photo of Yasiel Puig celebrating a walk off, it’ll only be around for a day.

But it’s a new year, now. We know with certainty that the bad memories of a 2018 NLDS sweep, and that stupid picture, will soon be replaced with photos of spring.