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Can the Rockies have a World Series-worthy 2019?

Rockies news and links for January 14, 2019

Colorado Rockies: Drawing parallels between the Rockies and Red Sox | Rox Pile

The Red Sox were World Series champs in 2018, and they played like it all year long. They spent some big dollars for some players, but that’s almost always a given. The Rockies did spend a bit more than usual, but still nothing like the Red Sox. Regardless of this, they didn’t rely solely on the players they spent big on. A lot of the strategy was critical, between selecting promising prospects and arranging the best lineup. The current projected roster for these two teams have Boston with the better team, but if the Rockies can figure out how to add another bat and solidify the bullpen, they’ll be real contenders. Last season, the Red Sox had one of those impossibly rare seasons where all the players are at the top of their games. The Rockies had some issues with consistency, but they certainly have the potential to make 2019 their year.