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LeMahieu ready to face the Big Apple

Rockies news and links for January 16, 2019

After 7 “special years” in Colorado, DJ LeMahieu says going from Rockies to Yankees is exciting, not intimidating | Denver Post ($)

DJ LeMahieu, after a nerve-wrackingly slow offseason, says he’s excited to start playing for the Yankees. With the $24 million, two-year deal, the Yankees hope to utilize LeMahieu all over the infield, not only at second base. The change in teams will mean not only a change in position, but also change in exposure for LeMahieu. The Rockies are not covered very much in the national media, whereas the Yankees are about as storied as they come. The quiet player doesn’t feel intimidated, though, but is excited for this new challenge. LeMahieu will absolutely be missed as the solid second baseman in Denver, but after seven years, we can do nothing but wish him well in this next step.

Colorado Rockies Quick Hits: Bridich on Arenado, Ottavino latest, more | Rox Pile

As sad as we are to see DJ LeMahieu out of a Rockies uniform, we can at least be glad that we won’t have to play against him in our division. He signed with the New York Yankees, who won out against the Marlins, Giants, and Dodgers, all of whom had stated some interest in the second baseman. Another Rockies player from last year up in the air is Adam Ottavino. The Rangers have shown interest in the pitcher, and it’s still not sure if the Rockies will try to bring him back into their bullpen. Then there is the timeless question of what will happen with Nolan Arenado. There’s arbitration going on, and it’s a toss up if he will stay. The Rockies likely want to hang on to the star, so it’ll come down to what kind of offer Arenado’s willing to take.

A Dive into Hall of Fame Ballot Trends | FanGraphs

The Hall of Fame Ballot is of special interest to Rockies fans as Larry Walker is a contender. He’s gained some serious ground, and it looks like he might just make the cut. It’s still not a guarantee by any means, but the folks at FanGraphs break down some of the recent trends in the Hall of Fame Ballot.