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Another Rocky becomes a Yankee

Rockies news and links for January 18, 2019

Adam Ottavino signs with New York Yankees | Mile High Sports

The Rockies’ hopes for bringing back Adam Ottavino have died, as he signed a contract with the New York Yankees. He got a three-year, $27 million deal. As a native New Yorker, this will likely work out well for Ottavino. The deal is not too surprising, as Ottavino has been training up in New York, and the Yankees have previously expressed interest in him. The Rockies will miss him after his seven years in purple. He was the epitome of consistency during his time here, and his stellar 2018 season makes it especially hard to say goodbye. We wish him well as he joins DJ LeMahieu up north.

Colorado Rockies Quick Hits: Spring training, Gray, Arenado, more | Rox Pile

Dates for pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training have been announced. While the Rockies Spring Training will primarily take place in Arizona, they’ll also be traveling down to Florida and into New Mexico. Another bit of Rockies news comes regarding Jon Gray. He had an abysmal season last year, and he’s already explained that he wants to use his struggles to motivate him for the new season. Many have speculated on possible trade moves for him, but it usually comes down to the fact that he does have an impressive talent that the Rockies would like to be able to harness some day. The most recent mock trade idea included a trade for Byron Buxton with the Twins. This would give the Rockies a solid outfielder and a chance to move Charlie Blackmon to left or right field, but the Rockies are still not ready to give up on Gray. There’s also more talk about what to do with Nolan Arenado. He’ll likely seek a record-setting salary, and it’s hard to say with Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still waiting to see what they can get. It’ll be tough for the Rockies to pull it out, but only time will tell if Arenado will still be in Denver a couple years down the road.