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Rockies saving up for an Arenado deal

Rockies news and links for January 21, 2019

Colorado Rockies Quick Hits: LeMahieu, Dodgers, Bridich, Bullpen, Hall of Fame | Rox Pile

Last week, DJ Lemahieu joined former Rockies Troy Tulowitzki and Adam Ottavino by signing with the Yankees. Apparently, the Yankees division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays, were also showing some interest in the second baseman. It seems that the Rockies didn’t have much potential for bringing him back to Denver. Speaking of division rivals, the Dodgers have made some adjustments to their lineup. Their outfield has lost much of its depth, with Los Angeles trading away Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig.

Patrick Saunders with the Denver Post spoke with Jeff Bridich about the Ottavino deal. Apparently the Rockies had never offered a contract, despite being in touch with the pitcher. We can only assume that it came down to the fact that there’s not enough money if the Rockies plan to offer Nolan Arenado a deal. Bridich has stated that the pitchers still on the roster simply need to deliver more consistently.

Finally, the Hall of Fame results will be announced Tuesday. We’ll see how Larry Walker and Todd Helton fared. Walker will have one more chance next year on the ballot, and Helton will have a chance at nine more bids.

Colorado Rockies: Bad deals hurting Nolan Arenado’s hopes | Rox Pile

The question has been raised before about previous Rockies’ deals hurting Nolan Arenado’s chances at landing a deal he aims for with Colorado. The Rockies haven’t made many sizeable deals lately, but the ones they have might have hurt them long term. Jeff Bridich signed a major deal with Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon is definitely a fan favorite, but considering his recent performance, the team might have overpaid. There are also the deals made with pitchers Wade Davis, Bryan Shaw, Jake McGee, and Mike Dunn. The Rockies heavily focused on building up a super bullpen, but it simply did not work out that way. These deals have been rather disappointing. Lastly, there’s the deal with Ian Desmond, which many Rockies fans have bemoaned. All these contracts add up, and if the Rockies are able to offer Arenado a deal he’s looking for, a huge chunk of their payroll will be used up. It’s hard to say if these were “bad deals,” or if they simply haven’t paid off yet. However, these decisions are certain to affect Nolan Arenado’s future with Colorado.