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Kyle Freeland’s new looks for 2019

Rockies news and links for January 28, 2019

Colorado Rockies: Kyle Freeland on Cy Young voting, some new “pitches” | Rox Pile

During the offseason, the Rockies players don’t have much contact with the media. However, some of them were able to talk on Saturday, Kyle Freeland being one. This was the first time since the Cy Young announcements, and Freeland was asked about coming in fourth. He said he was honored, but it’s not something he’s necessarily going to aim for. Instead of focusing on numbers for one award, he wants to play his best and help his team. Freeland also stated that he’s been working on a new pitch for the 2019 season. It’s mostly finding new locations, and getting comfortable throwing it to hitters and catchers. So long as he can continue to be our hometown ace, he can throw that ball however he would like.

1 series for each team to look forward to in ‘19 |

We are two months away from the start of the new season, and Will Leitch has laid out the most exciting series each team has on their schedule. The Rockies’ series to watch is the one that they’ll play August 27 and 28 against the Red Sox. Not only are the Red Sox last year’s champs, but they are the team that beat the Rockies in their only World Series appearance. As we get closer and closer to the 2019 season, I’m excited about the series against the Red Sox, but mostly I can’t wait to see how the team looks against anyone.