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Rockies reportedly interested in bringing Carlos González back

Are the Rockies getting the band back together?

The Rockies just may be in the process of getting the band back together. Jon Heyman tweeted that the Rockies are “interested in bringing CarGo back” for the 2019 season. He also notes that they are “among the teams” interested in him, which suggests that CarGo has more suitors than he did last offseason.

It’s hard not to be a little bit happy at the prospect of having González back in purple for the 2019 season, but it’s also hard to see how it would work given the roster. The Rockies look to have their three outfield starters in place for 2019: Charlie Blackmon, Ian Desmond, and David Dahl. Raimel Tapia is out of options, so he’s either going to be traded or on the roster as the fourth outfielder. CarGo could fit as a fifth outfielder, but that would mean either one fewer bullpen arm or one fewer infielder. Noel Cuevas, Yonathan Daza, Sam Hilliard, and Mike Tauchman round out the rest of the outfielders on the 40-man roster.

This is nothing more than a moderately revelatory rumor, but right now it would make the most sense if CarGo is brought back on a low risk minor league deal, like Mark Reynolds. While he may not have a place in the daily lineup, he’s very likely an upgrade over other minor league depth options in the event of injury.