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AskPDP questions about the postseason and maybe also fatherhood

Purple Dinosaur Podcast’s last episode of the 2019 season

As the title of our 180th episode may have clued you in, ANTHONY’S BABY IS NEARLY HERE. So this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast might be our last while the 2019 MLB season is still ongoing. We’ll discuss the impending terror of fatherhood for one of our hosts while the other dissects the various bids he’s received to take out a dead tree in his backyard. Truly harrowing content.

The Washington Nationals are headed to the World Series! They’ll also have a lengthy layoff until Game 1 after sweeping their way through the NLCS. Feels like we’ve seen that story play out before, but for the life of me, I can’t remember when or what happened and please no one remind me.

Plus, we field your #AskPDP queries from the final weeks of the regular season and start to the 2019 postseason.

All that and more is here on the latest edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, the last one before one of us brings offspring into the world!