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It’s time to make some more noise about Larry Walker

Rockies news and links for October 20, 2019

Colorado Rockies, this is the season to retire Larry Walker’s number | Rox Pile

It’s getting close to that time again - we need to rally support for Larry Walker and his Hall of Fame case. In this case, it’s more a matter of building momentum for general appreciation of Walker’s brilliant MLB career. Kevin Henry makes the case in this piece that it’s time for the Rockies to retire Walker’s number.

Besides the fact that retiring his number this year would coincide with his 10th and final year of eligibility on the BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot, this would be something of a gesture of goodwill in a 2020 season that looks to otherwise have the potential for toxicity between the fans and the front office. Just imagine those boos for Dick Monfort during the ceremony.

A salute to Yankee’s DJ LeMahieu, baseball’s fierce gentleman | Denver Post ($)

Unfortunately for the fierce gentleman and his fellow former Rockies on the Yankees, his season is now over after the Astros walked off in game 6 of the ALCS on Saturday night. But we’ll still be talking about DJ’s first season in New York for a while, as it is central to so many conversations about what went wrong with the Rockies this past season.

This has become a common thread in DJ appreciation articles - that he is a quiet but fierce kind of guy. I would say that all teams generally come to appreciate players like that, but you can imagine why that makes him especially popular with the Yankees.

What’s kind of funny about the overall perception of DJ is that he looks a lot less buttoned up in New York, where they care about that kind of thing, than he ever did in Colorado. He’s got kind of wild hair and that huge thing of dip in his lip. It’s like “going out” DJ or something like that. None of this changes the fact that he’s a gentleman. Just an observation and a way to think about this other than what a disaster it is for the Rockies.

Marlins Return Rule 5 Pick Julian Fernandez To Rockies | MLB Trade Rumors

Because it’s that time of year for fans of teams that are out of it - the time of year to note minor transactions and pretend to understand how the Rule 5 draft works.