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What can Wade Davis fix to be better in 2020?

Rockies news and links for Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Davis on 2020: “I will be more prepared” |

We know Wade Davis was bad in 2019. He was second to last on the team in rWAR and worst among pitchers. But we also know that Davis will be on the team in 2020, so the question is why was he bad and can he fix it? Thomas Harding in this article discusses those questions.

As far as the why was he bad question, Harding mentions the possibility that Davis wasn’t fully healthy, although even Davis doesn’t think that was a reason. Harding points to a velocity decline of about 1 mph after suffering an oblique strain in May. Injury related or not, if the velocity decline played a role in Davis’s poor season, that doesn’t make me optimistic for 2020 because as he ages velocity is more likely go to down than up.

For the how to fix it question, Davis and pitching coach Steve Foster seem to have diagnosed a mechanical issue that could have affected Davis’s performance. Foster said that “he’s going to get into his legs more and stay more linear to the plate.” I don’t know what that means, so if anyone can decode coach-speak, please do.

Counting down the worst commercials of the 2019 postseason | The Athletic ($)

This is Grant Brisbee with poignant analysis and commentary on the worst commercials this offseason. If you’ve been watching, you’ve seen them all multiple times. But you still need to read this article and see them anew.