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How the Rockies could trade expensive relievers this winter

Rockies news and links for October 27, 2019

Do the Mariners match up with the Rockies in trade talks? | Sodo Mojo

So here’s the proposed trade from Aaron Chantler in this piece: the Rockies send Ryan McMahon and Jake McGee to the Seattle Mariners for right-handed outfielder Danny Santana and right-handed relief pitcher Sam Tuivailala.

It seems like a fair deal to me, but rather than dig into the specifics of a hypothetical trade any further than Chantler has already done in this interesting column, I want to focus on the potential big-picture strategy from Colorado’s perspective. This offseason will have lots of suggestions about what the Rockies should do with the likes of McGee and Bryan Shaw. The Rockies would obviously benefit from trading one or both of those salaries, but it seems far-fetched to think any team would take on said salaries.

Just eating some money could be one way, but this could be an interesting strategy for the Rockies. A deal where Shaw or McGee is paired with a younger talent like McMahon or Brendan Rodgers could free up some money and be a more direct path to addressing an area of need. The team’s reluctance to deal prospects is well known, but I would like to see them pursue these kinds of trades to actually shake things up.

Three “bold moves” the Rockies should explore | Rox Pile

Kevin Henry also mentions parting ways with McGee and Shaw as moves the Rockies could make this winter. I’m not sure it’s getting rid of them that is bold as much as what it would take to trade them (see above).

Another potential move mentioned is bringing in an outside starting pitcher. That seems all but necessary at this point, at least if you ask anybody but Jeff Bridich or Dick Monfort. People are quickly dismissive of the Rockies pursuing a big ticket starting pitcher like Gerrit Cole, but given the state of the free agent market in recent years, I think the Rockies absolutely could try to go that route. They would need different leadership to do so, however.

As for more realistic options, it seems like Tanner Roark will find himself mentioned in every “guys the Rockies could sign” column until he either fulfills his Colorado destiny or finds another team.

Saunders: One passionate man is determined to land Larry Walker in Hall of Fame | Denver Post ($)

We’re with you, Manny Randhawa. It is, in fact, an injustice that Walker has been shut out of Cooperstown. Patrick Saunders writes about the recent “Walkerfest” that Randhawa used to make the case for Walker.