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That time the Rockies’ pitching was really bad

Rockies news and links for Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Statistics tell the story of Rockies’ pitching woes in 2019 | Denver Post ($)

This may be the first you’re hearing of it, but it turns out the Rockies’ pitching was not good in 2019. I know. It was news to me too. Someone should do a story on it or something.

Anyway, the “statistics” here are simple, limited to mostly ERA and innings pitched. But to summarize, the Rockies pitchers were bad. The starters gave up a lot of runs in not a lot of innings, and then they handed it over to the bullpen, and the relievers gave up a lot of runs in a lot of innings.

But it’s not all bad news: Scott Oberg exists. And Chi Chi González had a good September. So there’s that.

Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox: A trade idea and discussion | Rox Pile

It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

Rox Pile’s proposed trade package for one year of Mookie Betts’ services includes Brendan Rodgers, Garrett Hampson, Peter Lambert and either Sam Hilliard or Yonathan Daza

So the Rockies get:

  • Former MVP, five-tool player, fun and likable human being

The Rockies give up:

  • $25 million (Mookie is projected to earn $27.7 million, minus the salaries of the four players the Rockies would give up)
  • MLB’s No. 14 prospect
  • Upgraded Garrett Hampson (now with fewer leg kicks!)
  • MLB-ready pitcher, former top-100 prospect (2018) and sheepish lion
  • The original cucaracha or a really big, fast guy

So what do you think?


Is this a good trade?

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  • 53%
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  • 5%
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  • 27%
    Who cares? It won’t happen
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  • 6%
    All of the above
    (11 votes)
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Could Rolison take fast track in 2020? |

Should Rockies prospect Ryan Rolison, a 2018 draft pick out of Ole Miss who has never pitched above A ball, pitch for the Rockies in 2020?

Probably not.

Robo-umps? Here’s what AFL players, coaches say |

Yesterday’s Rockpile linked to an article that claimed Fall League players didn’t love the robo-umps. Using basically the same quotes, MLB came to a different conclusion: It’s just another adjustment, like the changes to the slide rules at second and home.

Love it or hate it, I think it’s safe to say ABS, Karen, Robo Ump, robo-ump or whatever you want to call the automated ball-strike system is coming. It’s just a matter of when.

Stras neutralizes Astros, wills fired-up Nats to G7 |

So how about that interference call?