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Is Ryan McMahon’s raw talent enough?

Rockies news and links for Monday, November 25, 2019

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As Ryan McMahon established himself with the Rockies, did he box out Brendan Rodgers? | The Athletic ($)
Ryan McMahon had some highs and lows this season. We saw moments where he struggled at the plate, and we saw where he hit home runs. For now, I anticipate him to remain the Rockies starting second baseman. Will he have more highs and lows? I’m sure, but can he be a valuable member of the team? I think so. He still has a lot of growing to do, but he has the raw talent.

“When he connects, he has as much raw power as anybody on our team,” Colorado hitting coach Dave Magadan said. “We want a little more coverage of the strike zone, and all parts of the zone, where he doesn’t feel like he needs to cheat to reach pitches. And when he gets to that point, there’s no telling what he can do.”

I hope that the Ryan McMahon from the 2019 Spring Training is the Ryan McMahon we see in the 2020 season. If we see that kind of play consistently during the regular season, McMahon will definitely earn his keep.

Broncos Insider: Who is currently the most scorned professional athlete in Denver sports? | The Denver Post ($)
Don’t let the heading fool you, it’s not just about the Broncos. The Rockies struggled in 2019. The Broncos are struggling now. Who is the most scorned athlete in Denver currently? Is it the Broncos’s Garrett Bolles, or could it be Ian Desmond or Wade Davis? Other Rockies who could be considered for this list include Jake McGee, and Bryan Shaw. Who has your vote?

5 reasons why Larry Walker should NOT be in the Hall of Fame | Purple Row
Read the whole article, not just the title. It’s #WalkerHOF season and since it’s Larry Walker’s final year on the ballot, expect to hear a lot about this from everyone.

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Charlie Blackmon went fishing. No one is surprised by that statement. However, “Chuck Nazty went fishing with Pete Alonso,” is not a statement I expected to hear. Their catch was quite impressive.