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Colorado Rockies gift ideas from the clearance rack

Black Friday Rockpile, November 29, 2019

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so the news is a bit slim today. So, instead of links, I thought this Rockpile could be dedicated to holiday gift ideas from the Rockies shop.

Now, you might not need inspiration for a lot of Rockies gifts. Who wouldn’t want a shirsey from their special player, or one of those sweet spring training hats? However cool those are, they are also boring and predictable. Not only that, but they can also get pricey. So let’s head over to the clearance section to see what great deals we can uncover for the different types of Rockies fans in your life.

★ ★ ★

For the game night fan who doesn’t mind that the Rockies couldn’t cut a licensing deal with Jenga.

For the fan with deadly combination of expensive couch and messy humans/pets, and who also has a framed jersey from Rockies great Lance Painter (ol’ number 47). (No Rockies player has ever worn number 75 in the majors.)

For that same Rockies fan who also has an expensive recliner, and who also wants to make it look like a torture device.

For the fancy fan who offers their dinner guests freshly ground pepper on their Cesar salad.

For the less fancy fan who wants their salt and pepper dispenser to come in reasonable sizes, if not reasonable shapes.

For the fan who wants or needs a tote for their growler (this is only a good gift if you happen to know that one fan).

For the fan who wants their wine on the go, and also does doesn’t mind their drinkware to roll around like an egg.

For the fan fighting to install Dinger as the supreme leader of the United States.

For that same fan.

For the grandma’s house aesthetic but with a bamboo flair fan.

For the “let’s hide the logo behind a pile of carrots and celery” fan.

For the beer prices at Coors Field are too high fan.

For the game used cuff links (!?) fan.

For the fan from either Colorado or Wyoming.

For the mason jar fan who has used all the glass ones for winter pickling.

And, finally, for the blogger fan who has probably annihilated this page’s load time with all the images.