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How the Rockies can shake things up at catcher

Rockies news and links for December 1, 2019

Mariners holding trade chip many teams covet |

The Colorado Rockies are listed among the teams that would be a fit to trade for the suddenly available Omar Narváez to upgrade the catcher position. It makes sense, and while he is regarded as a poor defender behind the plate, Narváez’s offense would be a welcome upgrade.

There’s a weird story here from the Rockies’ perspective, of course. The reason the Mariners might feel like they can dangle Narváez in trades is because of the emergence of Tom Murphy last season. You know, the same Murphy the Rockies released before the start of last season.

Murphy finally popped on offense, and combined with some fielding and leadership, he might have made himself a more well-rounded option for the Mariners than Narváez. It would be an expensive trade for the Rockies to land Narváez and his .278/.353/.460 line from last season. And while it doesn’t exactly help that Narváez is potentially expendable because of the emergence of a guy they let go for nothing, it’s still a move they should consider.

2019 Non-Tender Candidates | MLB Trade Rumors

If the Rockies were to go the route of acquiring a good hitting catcher who isn’t great on defense, it would only make sense to pair that new catch with Tony Wolters and his stellar defense behind the plate. If the Rockies wanted to go a different route in their pursuit of catching help, this list includes Wolters as a potential non-tender candidate.

With a projected salary of $2 million, Wolters could potentially free things up a little bit if he was non-tendered. I’ll be surprised if that happens.

Interestingly enough, Tyler Anderson, who was claimed off waivers by the San Francisco Giants at the end of October, is also listed as a non-tender candidate for his new team.

30 prospects who could be traded this offseason |

Colton Welker is the name provided for the Rockies. It would make sense for the Rockies to trade a third base prospect to fill an area of need for obvious reasons. I’m less persuaded that the Rockies have the depth they need at first base to part with a promising player like Welker. Given the team’s reluctance to trade prospects, he probably isn’t going anywhere anyway.

Yankees mailbag: Jon Gray trade, Felix Hernandez, Brett Gardner | Pinstripe Alley

2019 - the offseason where every team pegs Jon Gray as the pitcher their team should trade for. The funny thing is, it would make some sense for the Rockies to sell high coming off the season Gray just had given his inconsistent track record. It would make less sense for another team to pay for him now when he was a distressed asset just one year ago.

Anyway, that’s the kind of discussion that does things like refer to players as assets, so let me say this: I like Jon Gray a lot, his bounce back was a whole lot of fun, and I have zero interest in seeing him in a Yankees uniform.