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Thank you

And go Rockies

It might have been “you can’t win them all.” Or maybe it was something less obvious like “struck out four through five innings without allowing a run.” Maybe it was something else. But I knew I was losing my enthusiasm for writing about baseball when I started leaning on clichés to get through the writing process. I knew it was time to stop altogether when I started becoming okay with it.

After more than two years of managing Purple Row and six years of writing about the Rockies, I’ve decided to step down as site manager. This wasn’t an easy decision for me. I’ve been a reader of Purple Row longer than I’ve been a writer for it. I love this community, and I love being a part of it. But it’s the right decision. Running a site like Purple Row is a legitimately great opportunity, and continuing on in that role with waning enthusiasm would be a disservice to you. It’s time for someone new to lead the site with fresh ideas and spring training-like eagerness.

I began writing about the Rockies to satisfy a personal need. While slogging through my dissertation, I sought out a freer platform where I could be more playful with my writing. Baseball writing gave me that — for much longer than I ever anticipated. Over time, however, I understood that the greater reward was not fulfilling a personal need, but meeting those of others. As site manager, I started asking questions like “how does that serve our community?” when making editorial decisions. I know I didn’t always make the right decisions, but I at least know I was asking the right question.

But, by far, the most rewarding part of leading the site was working with other writers to help them find their baseball-writing voice. Whether it was finding the right word in a sentence, for finding the right tone for an entire article. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.

I’ll still be around shepherding things along while the search for a new site manager gets underway. I may even cover a Rockpile or two. But I’m going to hang up my blogging cleats once a new site manager is found.

So, thank you, Purple Row community, for making it all worthwhile. See you around, and, as always, go Rockies.