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Why the Rockies maybe won’t and definitely shouldn’t trade Nolan Arenado

Rockies news and links for December 29, 2019

Listen, I wish there were other things to talk about this offseason as much as anybody. But the current chatter for the Rockies continues to center around the potential of them trading a generational player in Nolan Arenado. Here’s a look at some of the latest grumblings and analysis, including some more substantive details on talks that may have happened.

Braves Have Gauged Asking Price on Nolan Arenado | MLB Trade Rumors

These talks certainly sound preliminary at this point. And as we have noted previously, it would take a philosophical swerve from the otherwise thrifty Braves to take on Arenado’s contract, even if the Rockies paid some of it down.

Steve Adams takes a look at the rumor this week about discussions between Atlanta and Colorado and what potentially stands in the way of a deal. The main obstacle is the salary, of course, and then there is Arenado’s full no-trade clause. At first glace, it seems reasonable to say Arenado would waive that clause to join a contender in Atlanta. Hopefully it isn’t that simple.

Even if talks didn’t get far between these front offices, Atlanta is the type of organization that could make things feel real. That mostly has to do with the prospect talent they would have to offer if the Rockies did indeed decide to go this route. In the end, hopefully the main barrier to a trade will be that Jeff Bridich and company make the definitive decision to keep Arenado.

Colorado Rockies: Nolan Arenado needs to be on Colorado’s roster for life | Rox Pile

That brings us to this piece from Kevin Henry in which he makes an appeal to keep Arenado forever. The impact Arenado has already had on this franchise is unique. Just imagine what he could mean if he stays for the rest of his career.

I look at this kind of appeal in two different ways. The first is that Arenado is a distinct talent in that the Rockies will almost always be better off keeping him around. The second is that most of us are looking at this from the perspective of a fan - a fan who sees Arenado as a player we care about and not an asset. So yes, we care about that player and hate the idea of him wearing any other uniform. Let’s just hope that the Colorado front office can improve the roster around him so these trade talks don’t get more real.