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The Colorado Rockies are acting like a contender

Rockies news and links for Friday, December 6, 2019

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Rox bring contention mindset to Winter Meetings |

Kurt Vonnegut’s satirical book Mother Night wraps up with the punchline, “Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.” Maybe Bridich misread some Vonnegut at Harvard and is hoping that if he pretends hard enough that the Rockies are still a contender that they will become one again next season.

If so, the rest of the league seems to differ.

Heading into Winter Meetings, teams have begun to ask about Arenado, Story, and Blackmon. Seemingly every team in MLB has inquired about Jon Gray over the last several weeks. Yet the Rockies have been unable to get any traction on trades for Ian Desmond, Jeff Hoffman, or any of their high-priced bullpen vets.

This year’s Winter Meetings should tell us quite a bit about whether the Rockies truly believe they are still in contention or if they’ve been posturing since the wheels came off in June and July.

Does Blackmon have long-term future with Rox? |

Thomas Harding takes a fair look at the pros and cons of trading Charlie Blackmon. He is set to make close to $80 million over the next four seasons but continues to produce at an elite level. While he remains one of baseball’s better hitters, his defense is in decline, making him an enticing addition for an American League team looking to use him as a DH for the long-term.

But here’s the thing: no.

Charlie’s not going anywhere. His play is a big reason, but his leadership and marketability are possibly just as important to the Rockies’ brass. And Nolan isn’t going anywhere either. Neither is Trevor. Or Gray. Bridich is likely going to double down on this current core of position players and hope they can turn it around next season. If they don’t, he will probably be fine and do exactly the same thing the following year. And maybe even the next.


What do you think the Rockies should do?

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Five Questions: Tyler Maun on the Winter Meetings, Rockies future | 104.3 The Fan

In a wide-ranging interview, Johnny Hart of 104.3 The Fan and Tyler Maun, editorial producer for, discuss the Rockies’ farm system and plan heading into Winter Meetings. A couple of first-base options are discussed, as well as what the Rockies may actually be planning for the bullpen. Maun’s final conclusion is hard to swallow but probably correct: “2019 appears to be a more accurate reflection of their true talent as constructed right now than the previous two years do.”

Bennet goes to bat to save Colorado’s minor league baseball teams | Colorado Politics

As Colorado baseball fans, we all want as many pro baseball games to watch as possible. Currently, those options include the Colorado Rockies, the Rocky Mountain Vibes, and the Grand Junction Chubs Rockies. But if Major League Baseball gets its way, Colorado will soon lose both of its minor league affiliates.

Props to Colorado Senator and presidential hopeful Michael Bennet for fighting to keep more pro baseball alive in our state. A more cynical person than me might note that three teams in Iowa—a key primary state—are also on the chopping block and were mentioned by Bennet in his letter to MLB. But whatever, let’s hope Bennet’s efforts help Colorado keep all of its teams.