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Nolan Arenado and the Rockies might be closing in on a long-term deal

Rockies news and links for Sunday, February 3, 2019

Monfort optimistic about long-term Arenado deal |

In arguably one of the longest, darkest offseasons in recent history, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Rockies fans and the organization itself regarding possibly the biggest question mark this franchise has faced—will Nolan Arenado sign a long-term deal?

Well, Thomas Harding was able to catch up with owner Dick Monfort in Greeley on Saturday and Dick spoke on the matter with optimism that a deal would be worked out. Only time will tell, and a funky offseason that has left superstars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado unsigned certainly complicates matters, but this quote is still music to my ears:

There are a lot of things that have to go through Nolan’s mind, too. But I’m confident that after we met, Nolan wants this to happen as much as we do.

Not only that, but Monfort illuminated a topic that has been a thorn in Rockies fans’ sides for years—the franchise’s TV deal. Dick passes along good news though, in that the revenue will be jumping from $20M to $40M, and the organization will have some extra cash to help lock down Nolan confidently with “a number that we can get to.”

Colorado Rockies: The honest truth about Nolan Arenado and his future | Rox Pile

In this article, Kevin Henry offers his latest thoughts on the Nolan Arenado contract extension drama and points to three specific scenarios that could unfold. If we’re lucky, and by the sound of the way talks are progressing, we could see Nolan sign an extension in the coming weeks following his one-year arbitration-avoiding deal before the season starts, much like Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu did in the past. If not, there’s a real chance Nolan will test free agency following the 2019 season, if he’s not traded before then.

As Kevin says, that’s a lot of “ifs.” What’s most important is that it appears Nolan wants to stay in Colorado, and the team wants to pay him to do so. Nolan is due for a huge payday, and he’ll get it one way or another, so as long as the Rockies keep winning and stay competitive, consistently reaching the Postseason, there’s a good chance Nado will go down as the greatest Rockie of all time.

Arenado seeks more records after $26M deal |

Nolan Arenado talked to Thomas Harding about his record-setting $26M deal for an arbitration-eligible player, and emphasized how confident he is in the direction the Rockies franchise is going. Harding also discusses the team’s “healthy” payroll on the rise, and paints an optimistic picture for the future of the franchise.

What if Bryce Harper took a one-year deal? | Beyond the Box Score

What could possibly overshadow Nolan Arenado signing a long-term contract with the Rockies, you ask? Well, not much, but maybe Bryce Harper signing a one-year deal with the Rockies, as well, and turning this team into an NL West powerhouse who could finally strip the Dodgers of their division title streak and play deep into the Postseason to compete for a World Series. Yeah, I suppose that could do it...

Bob Ellis of Beyond the Box Score argues that Harper would be best to sign a one-year deal during this bizarre offseason with a team ready to compete for a championship, and thus he could improve his stock for an even better pay day next year. Bob suggests six teams who could afford Bryce and benefit from a one-year deal, and ultimately suggests the Rockies would be the very best fit for both parties.

Colorado Rockies poll: Fans want Carlos Gonzalez back in 2019 | Rox Pile

Because of a Jon Heyman tweet, it has been rumored the Rockies are interested in bringing back Carlos González on another one-year deal. Kevin Henry of Rox Pile held a poll and asked his Rockies fans followers on Twitter if they’d be interested in seeing CarGo back in purple in 2019. The results aren’t very surprising—if you’re sentimental, at least.

For what it’s worth, I would not mind at all seeing CarGo back for another season with the Rockies. The key is how they use him. If he were platooning vs. right-handed pitchers, getting spot starts, and adding some left-handed power off the bench, then sure. He would be a valuable clubhouse leader, make Nolan happy again, and bring joy to the fanbase. In no situation, though, should he be taking at-bats away from David Dahl. Ian Desmond—sure—but in limited use, CarGo could be an incredible addition to this club.