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Ryan McMahon lighting up the spring

Rockies news and links for March 19, 2019

McMahon using advice to his advantage |

Ryan McMahon has had a fantastic showing in spring training. He took some advice from the Rockies coaches about his hitting, and he apparently took it to heart. He worked on bat position and consistency, and it’s worked. He continued his impressive hitting in Monday’s game, with a 466-foot home run. He also had some good defensive moves as well, showing he’s ready to be whoever the Rockies need. While many discount the importance of spring training numbers, it’s still good to see McMahon thriving. He seems ready for the regular season, and if he can continue the swings that have led to his .444 hitting, the Rockies are in for a good season.

Rockies still figuring out catching situation |

The Rockies are entering the final week of spring training, and they are still holding on to three catchers, trying to figure out who the two on the Opening Day roster will be. They also have to try and figure out if they’ve got the catching depth to make it through the whole season. They might spend the next little bit of time trying to potentially snag another catcher. There’s currently Chris Iannetta, Tom Murphy, and Tony Wolters. Iannetta doesn’t have a fantastic offensive contribution, but he catches well for Kyle Freeland and bears a relatively hefty contract. Wolters has had a spring plagued by illness, but seems to be recovering and has a history of playing well with a variety of pitchers. Murphy is out of minor league options, and he’s done pretty well both offensively and defensively. His defense had been a concern following injuries, but he’s done well enough. It’ll be a tough decision when it comes down to who makes the final roster.

Trevor Story: Rockies’ offense will be more productive than 2018 version | Denver Post ($)

The Rockies played well in the 2018 season, but their offensive woes toward the end made the playoffs less successful than it could have been. For the 2019 season, though, the Rockies hitters are looking much more confident. There’s a lot of talent there, and then you add in Daniel Murphy and the young potential in Ryan McMahon, David Dahl, and Garrett Hampson, and the offense is really looking up. When you look solely at the numbers, the Rockies offense was abysmal. However, they still were able to clinch the division title. In order to match, or hopefully top that, the offense needs to be more cohesive. If one hit can lead to another and hitters can advance runners, that’s when you know things are working.

Colorado Rockies: Even more roster cuts as Spring Training draws to a close | Rox Pile

The Rockies have made more cuts as the regular season nears. Pitchers Peter Lambert and Sam Howard were sent to Triple-A, along with infielder Peter Mooney and outfielder Noel Cuevas. They all had decent springs, but none were really expected to make the Opening Day roster. These cuts add to the ones over the past couple days, bringing the current roster down to 35.

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The Rockies defeated the Reds 6-3 in Monday’s game. Kyle Freeland had to throw 78 pitches through 4 ⅔ innings, but he was able to experiment with different angles and techniques. Ryan McMahon’s hitting is still blowing us away, and Trevor Story got his fourth home runs of the spring.