FPF - My Annual Five Predictions, and 2.5 I got Right Last Year

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My last FPF Predictions was entitled I got 2 out of 5 last year, so let's see which 2 of 5 predictions I'll get right! and I am happy to report I kept up my streak, or at least I'm claiming it. I predicted Trevor Story breaking out, a Rockies no-hitter, the Rox getting the 1 WC, Desmond or Parra getting traded, and Blackmon and Arenado being re-signed by November. The first is an easy win, Story had a great year. I claim the re-sign as a win though I got the dates wrong, with Blackmon getting it literal days later and Arenado just getting it a few weeks ago, but still. I claim the Rox as the first WC a half win, because while we got the 2 WC, we came oh so dang close to one-upping and getting a division crown instead.

But enough show-boating, I gotta put it on the line and make five more predictions, all in the hope that, much like my March Madness bracket, I get about 40% of it right.

1. The Rockies will win the Division

Yep, I'm making the jump. I think the Rockies will overcome the Dodgers and win their first division crown. The pitching is there, and I think the offense will be back with a vengeance. I look forward to skipping the Wild Card round.

2. Ian Desmond hits around .300

I'm predicting a breakout for our much maligned (and deservedly so) new Center Fielder. I don't know, I just got a feeling. He's looked really good this Spring, and I know that's not necessarily a true indicator, but I think he breaks his two year funk and actually hits on the good side of replacement level.

3. Freeland and Marquez have Cy Young Caliber Seasons, but Neither wins because they "Steal Votes From Each Other"

I think this kind of thing is stupid when it happens in the MVP race, and feels like just another excuse not to vote for players outside the huge markets, but this will be a new low of frustrating for us Rockies fans. Because it is with the reverse Coors bias that should be in effect, but it will be generally ignored and only one of them will finish as a Cy finalist while both get snubbed in favor of a more well known candidate. I'm not salty at all.

4. The Rockies set a Franchise Record for Wins

This may seem like a rehash of my first prediction, but not necessarily. I can win this one and still be wrong if the Rox reach 93+ wins but the Dodgers end up being too much anyways. In an NL West that is suddenly top heavy with the probable fall of the D-Backs, this is absolutely plausible. I almost thought about making the bold claim that the Rockies will finish with the NL's best record, but the NL Central and NL East races make me nervous. I won't predict it, but it's plausible. I think the NL's best gets "just" 96 wins.

5. Tony Wolters has a decent season and ends up finishing in the league's top 10 catchers

This is not as absurd as it sounds, as the catcher position is something of a pit in the MLB right now. There is a proverbial cliff after the Realmutos and Grandals. That said, I think Wolters continues his good defense but puts together a good hitting season as well, at least for a catcher in these modern times. Perhaps around .240? I dunno, looking for good times for TFW.

Anyways, that's what I got this year. I always include a poll, so I see no reason to change that now. Which, of any of these predictions, seems most likely to you? Also, I haven't seen the annual prediction FPF post on the main page yet, so no, you're not crazy. I just preempted it because I want to get these in before the season and this is fun. Heck, make your own. Maybe one of us or the admins will compile it like they usually do.

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