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FanPost Prompt: Five predictions for the 2019 Rockies

What do you think is going to happen in the 2019 Rockies season?

Starting Thursday, the Colorado Rockies will begin playing actual, honest-to-goodness regular season baseball games. Sure, they’ll play one more Spring Training game, this time in Florida, on Tuesday, but then they’ll kick off their season at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida. Congratulations, friend: you’ve nearly made it.

To help us get the rest of the way there, why not join in with the rest of the Baseball Intelligencia and make your predictions for the 2019 season?

What are your five predictions for the Rockies 2019 season?

We did this prompt last year and the year before and got some fun responses (and some have already posted responses for this year!). Let’s see what the Purple Row community comes up with this year.

You can be bold and predict German Marquez will win the Cy Young or you can play it safe and say the Rockies will finish ahead of the Giants in the NL West. Just make five Rockies-specific predictions for the 2019 season. The more specific you are the more fun it is, but you can be vague if you prefer to try to be right (again, see above). After that, write up as many other predictions for the 2019 MLB season as you like: division winners, playoff series, even a champion if you’re feeling bold.

Oh, and to make it interesting, include a Rockies win-total prediction at the end (it doesn’t have to count as one of your five predictions).

Write up a FanPost (if you’ve never done one here are a couple handy guides for you) and tell us all about it. Make sure to include “FPF” in the title and we will post some of our favorites on the front page next week and include a round-up of everyone’s thoughts..

Start your FanPost today!