FPF: Five (give or take a few) Predictions for the 2019 Rockies

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Since I got about 3.5 right last year, it's time to hold a damp finger into the wind and predict what may or may not happen this year.

1. This will be Jon Gray's make or break year. He's been given a long leash to "figure things out" in the past, and the results have been mixed at best. He either breaks out and becomes the pitcher he's shown us glimpses of (and who we all want him to become!), or will be doing something else somewhere else by the end of the season. Or possibly mid-season, depending on how the season goes. I'm going slightly towards make instead of break because he changed up his hair.

2. Both Kyle Freeland and German Màrquez will be in the conversation for the Cy Young award. At least one of them will have the best numbers (if forced to pick I will say Freeland, but that is pretty much a coin toss because Màrquez is so outstanding) and should win it but won't because, well, Coors.

3. Speaking of Coors Field, here's my yearly gimme: in the All Star Game, every time a Rockie comes to bat, the announcers will mention Coors Field at least once.

3a. As long as I'm doing gimmes, the folks(*) at AT&T Sportsnet/Root/Whatever Name They Have This Year will miss at least one important/spectacular play because they've got the cameras pointed at someone's nachos.

(*)term used because the usual word I use when referring to the Rockies' broadcasting team should not be used in a fine, upstanding forum such as this one.

4. Jenny Cavnar will do the play by play for at least one game, and she will have taken giant steps forward in her skills because she's that kind of professional. She'll still get all kinds of flack for it.

5. Last year's "Who's on First?" question that was never fully answered during the season will be replaced by "What's on Second?" this year. Fortunately, we do know Arenado's playing third base.

5a. How the above gets answered (if it does) depends a lot on if/how McMahon continues to whack the living snot out of the ball. I'm really hoping he does.

6. Autographs: I will once again fail to obtain Trevor Story's or Nolan Arenado's signature on a Rockies baseball. (Yes, I did get Nolan's on a Texas Rangers logo ball, but it's not quite the same.) Yes, of course I could buy one, but that takes all the fun out of it.

6a. At least one of the minor league players from whom I obtained autographs during Spring Training will play in at least one major league game. I'll take a picture and post a FanShot if I'm right.

7. The Rockies will win the division.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).