American Rounders predictions for the 67th year of our good Queen Bess

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

So for this to be worthwhile, the predictions need to be... unlikely. There's no point in claiming the Rockies will win 86 (I think they will) or Marquez will have a really good year (I think he will). So, let's see...

1. Jon Gray finishes with the highest WAR on the entire team (select your own preferred WAR metric). I think there's so little between Jon and excellence should he sort out what I suspect are mechanical and/or strategic issues. His peripherals have always been good, but the disconnect between them and the amount of runs he gives up in actuality suggests to me that there are errors in how he plays the game, rather than in his talent or makeup, that cause problems. And he seems very much in the mood to learn.

2. 2019 will end with Garrett Hampson, starting CF for the Colorado Rockies. The fit is too good, the best case is too damn best. There are several variables that might prevent it (Desmond being good, Tapia breaking out, Story or McMahon injury, Hampson himself not performing or staying on the field), so it's not likely at this point, but if we get to that point either through talent or emergency, I think Garrett might end up with a new and valuable permanent position going forward.

3. The team signs a big star around the all-star break. They know they're on the verge of success; they have the assets to trade, and if one of our main stalwarts is hurt or below replacement (or our catchers are terrible), this is the time to make a big splash. Cervelli counts as a big star in the context of this point :)

4. Let's try a negative one. The Rockies, and their fans, will *seriously* regret giving Charlie a mid-2000s-shaped contract extension. I hope I'm wrong and again, not likely, but the floor is going to fall out for a big Rockie and I can't actually contemplate it being Nolan, German or Kyle without shuddering, so Charlie takes the rap.

5. The bullpen is pretty good. I mean no, obviously this is just me being sensationalist, but what if. What if McGee, Shaw and Dunn return to their career mean, Oberg is still great, Oh keeps it up, Davis doesn't collapse (I'm so nervous about this tbh) and the kids (yes, DJ Johnson, I am calling you a kid, enjoy it, it might be the last time) are all in the 2-figure ERA- bracket, even the necessary call-ups.

Tell me what you think. Give me affirmation! Or call me a limey pinko who knows nothing about baseball, it's all good :)

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