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Introducing Affected by Altitude, a new podcast from Purple Row

Here’s what to expect from our new podcast

Nick Hertzog

There has never been more sources of information about the Colorado Rockies, and there has never been more platforms on which to discuss the ins and outs and ups and downs of the team. That Purple Row, after nearly 15 years of existence, remains a go-to place for information and (more importantly) chatter about that information is extremely heartening. And starting this week, we’re going to offer one more avenue for doing so. We’re launching a new podcast called Affected by Altitude.

You may ask, “Why do I need another Rockies podcast?” The Denver Post has a podcast. BSN Rockies has a daily one. Rox Pile and the Athletic have Rockies podcasts. And the Purple Dinosaur Podcast still has a home on Purple Row. Believe me, I asked the very same question. The only reason we’re launching one is because we think that there’s a good answer.

Purple Row has always occupied a specific niche that makes it different from everyone else. We are, unapologetically, fans first. We wear our emotions on our sleeve. Sometimes that shows up as effusive praise, while at other times it manifests as thorough critique. Either way, we do what we do because we care about the team as much as you do, and we care about sustaining this amazing community of fans.

The name of the new podcast, Affected by Altitude, comes from two places. First, it’s an homage to my personal favorite baseball podcast: Effectively Wild, in particular the Sam and Ben era (that we have our own Sam and Ben is serendipity; Sam Bradfield and Ben Kouchnerkavich host the first episode, which will be live soon). What made the show so good was that it was driven by curiosity and fun. It was a place where a question like “if baseball were different, how different would it be?” was taken seriously, but with enough self-reflection to know that the ensuing conversation is just one of the ways we’re ignoring the reality of our own mortality. Effectively Wild didn’t take baseball too seriously, but it took it seriously enough that it didn’t succumb to cynicism. I hope Affected by Altitude strikes a similar tone.

The second source goes back to the heart of what makes Purple Row different (if Purple Row weren’t different, how not diff...never mind). We’re affected by our fandom, and we aren’t going to pretend otherwise. That’s the lens through which we see the game. We strive to be fair in our analysis of the team when we write, and that will be no different on the podcast, whether it’s praise or criticism. But the fact that we’re fans undergirds it all, and that’s why we hope you’ll listen. We want to be your partners in fandom, not explainers.

Here’s what to expect. For now, anticipate to hear an episode drop once every other week. Once we get into a rhythm, the frequency will probably increase. You’ll hear a lot of voices on Affected by Altitude, mostly pulled from Purple Row’s stable of staff members, as well as a network of bloggers from SB Nation that also have a lot to offer.

The first episode will be out today. You can also follow Affected by Altitude on Twitter. Let us know what you think!