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Colorado Rockies podcast: It’s PDP’s season preview episode

It’s baseball time!

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Another season of baseball is upon us. The winds and cold of a winter past are behind us, and the green grass and blue skies of the summer await. At least until, like, mid-April when some annoying blizzard forces the Rockies to postpone a couple of games but whatever.

The 2019 PDP Season Preview Episode is here! We’ll break down the Rockies roster position-by-position and give our thoughts on how they stack up with the rest of the division and the National League.

Plus, we got a raft of #AskPDP questions in for this week’s edition. I mean...not a literal raft, that would be a weird way to submit questions. but we got a bunch of questions, and we’ll dive in.

It’s the 159th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Get up early on Opening Day and dunk your donut in it!