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One down, 161 to go

Rockies news and links for March 29, 2019

Predicting the 2019 season from the Colorado Rockies perspective | Rox Pile

The Rockies had an impressive season in 2018, yet no player or pitcher won a major award in the league. Jake Shapiro at Rox Pile makes his predictions here for 2019, and he usually is pretty accurate. He puts the Rockies at 87 wins, less than last year, due mostly to losing a few of their veteran guys. Hopefully, though, Daniel Murphy and Mark Reynolds, not to mention the young stars, can bolster the offense to help compensate. We’ll also miss Adam Ottavino, but that starting rotation is nothing to scoff at. Expectations are high for both Kyle Freeland and German Marquez, but Shapiro picked Marquez as pitcher of the year as he has the capacity for development and consistency. Trevor Story could be hitter of the year, but there’s also David Dahl, Ryan McMahon, and Nolan Arenado in the mix. Reliever of the year might go to Antonio Senzatela, a young talent who’s already proved himself. Garrett Hampson seems all but set as rookie of the year, having stunned us in spring training. Shapiro doesn’t have the Rockies making the playoffs, but it’s a long season still.

Colorado Rockies: Ryan McMahon returns to where it all began | Rox Pile

Ryan McMahon took the field as the second base starter for the Rockies on Opening Day. He certainly earned it, as he dominated in spring training, putting in the necessary work. He’s gained a lot of confidence, taking advantage of opportunities to learn and develop. The Rockies start the season out with a tough schedule, but it’s a new year, and they’re ready to play hard.

Takeaways from Rockies’ Opening Day breakout in Miami | Mile High Sports

The Rockies have not done well in Miami in recent history. However, they overcame to win their first game of the season 6-3, maintaining some solid offense. Kyle Freeland came out strong, showing that he deserved that Opening Day spot, perfect through the first three innings. Ian Desmond did well in his older roots in the outfield. His offense was iffy, grounding out and then striking out swinging. However, in his third at-bat, he hit a double and drove in David Dahl. Chris Iannetta overcame questions about his offensive ability, getting two hits, a walk, and an RBI. With one game under our belts, the Rockies are looking good.

Colorado Rockies 2019 Preview: Everything you need to know | Denver Post ($)

The 2019 season has officially begun. A fresh start and a new beginning. The Rockies are aiming for a third consecutive playoff appearance, no easy feat. The Denver Post has amassed a roundup of a preview of the season, from the roster breakdown to Kyle Freeland getting the nod as Opening Day pitcher; from Nolan Arenado’s 2019 confidence and season predictions.

Lifelong Rockies fans promises to get Dinger tattoo if Colorado wins NL West in 2019 season | Denver Post ($)

The Dodgers are on a long streak of winning the division title in the NL West, but Rockies fans are hoping the Rox will be the ones to end that run. Nolan Arenado signed a long deal to stay third-baseman in Colorado, and the young talent has the potential to shine bright in the new season. One fan has said he’ll get a tattoo of Dinger if the Rockies can pull off the division title in 2019. Lots of these kinds of deals are likely to be struck, and hopefully everyone will have to pay up when the Rockies deliver.

Made you look: All eyes are on the Rockies | Mile High Sports

The Rockies are finally gaining some buzz in a town dominated by football. They’re making a splash on the big stage, no longer only celebrated in Colorado. The Rockies have been a force to be reckoned with, and they’re starting to get that recognition they deserve. The big names have drawn attention beyond Coors Field, and the Nolan Arenado deal has been major. The Rockies are edging their way into the spotlight, and it’s about time.

What’s happening with the Rockies’ “West Lot” construction project ahead of Opening Day | Denver Post ($)

The walk into Coors Field has changed a bit, with the West Lot construction underway. The project will take a while, with a tentative opening of January 2021. The old parking lot will be turned into a fancy new structure that will house the Rockies Hall of Fame, among other things, including a lounging area and giant video screen.