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Should Nolan Arenado bat second?

Rockies news and links for March 5, 2019

Colorado Rockies: Here’s why Nolan Arenado batting second is good | Rox Pile

In spring training, the Rockies are trying out having Nolan Arenado bat second. While this might seem like a small adjustment, batting order can affect the season, sometimes impacting one to four wins. Charlie Blackmon led off much of last year, and that seemed to have an impact on getting the Rockies to the playoffs. Arenado is arguably the best hitter the Rockies have, so he could really succeed hitting second. Arenado’s willing to do whatever his team needs, so he’s on board with trying it out. He could end up getting about 15 more at bats, so if he can get the job done, all the better.

Colorado Rockies: Ryan McMahon’s hot streak making a statement | Rox Pile

Ryan McMahon started at third base in Monday’s spring training game, and he hit 2-3 and impressed many. In the last five games, he’s gone 7-11, showing that he could be a huge offensive contributor for the Rockies. He also had a couple good defensive plays, and Bud Black is glad that McMahon is so fundamentally sound.

Desmond preparing for center field duties in ‘19 |

Ian Desmond has been working on preparing for his new center field role, and it shows. He’s been working on his legs, which are extremely important for center fielders, who need to jump to get to the ball and hustle like crazy. After trying Desmond out at first base, the Rockies feel confident with putting him in the outfield, where he had success as a Ranger. He’s tried to learn from Charlie Blackmon how to play this position at Coors Field, and the team has a lot of faith in him and in what he can do.

The Rockies tied 4-4 with the Rangers, with German Marquez putting up some good pitching. Ryan McMahon continues to impress, and Colton Welker is also starting to draw some attention, showing off that he can hit when he needs to.