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Must-follow Colorado Rockies Instagram accounts

Rockies players to follow on Instagram

As Opening Day 2019 draws closer, it’s time to do a bit of spring training and update social media feeds for the latest Rockies news. Most players have migrated to Instagram, which is a player-friendly platform that emphasizes images, discourages comments, and also has a translation feature.

The Rockies (@Rockies) have a stellar Instagram account, and team photographer Matt Dirksen (@dirkensenphoto) is also a good follow. I’ve left out private accounts (looking at you, Sam Hilliard and Colton Welker).

The Rockies

Chad Bettis (@chadbettis35) 246 posts; 10.8K followers — Bettis focuses on his life away from baseball.

Charlie Blackmon (@chuck_nazty) 177 posts; 102K followers — Vintage Chuck Nazty with a little bit of everything. Just follow it.

Noel Cuevas (@noelcuevas91) 236 posts; 11K followers — Mostly baseball, family, and gorgeous Puerto Rico.

David Dahl (@ddahl21) 124 posts; 16.8K followers — Lots of baseball, lots of family, and lots of Rookie. (Rookie’s feed has 241 posts and 7,974 followers.)

Ian Desmond (@i_dez20) 19 posts; 1,297 followers — Desmond’s Instagram shows his baseball and away-from-baseball life.

Carlos Estévez (@carlosestevez28) 398 posts; 7,012 followers — As he notes in the bio, “not Charlie Sheen.” Estévez’s feed is baseball and family life in the Dominican Republic.

Kyle Freeland (@freeballin21) 152 posts; 19.3K followers — Freeland knows how to use Instagram — he’s living his best life. Lots of golf. Also: dog pics.

Jon Gray (@mr.graywolf22) 24 posts; 4,328 followers — Gray’s focus is family and dogs, a good combination.

Garrett Hampson (@ghamp2) 112 posts; 2,808 followers — Hampson’s feed is about baseball and his fiancee.

Jeff Hoffman (@jeffhoffman23) 264 posts; 3,279 followers — Mostly family and a fabulous dog.

Chris Iannetta (@chris_d_iannetta) 138 posts; 9,027 followers— Iannetta is a relative newbie to Instagram, but he tends to favor it over Twitter now. Iannetta’s feed is heavy on Jack Wines promotional material and some behind-the-scenes pics.

DJ Johnson (@johnson_dj30) 32 posts; 832 followers — Baseball and family — and the evolution of DJ’s beard! Because the account is unverified, we’re just assuming it’s DJ and not a different lumberjack interloping as a relief pitcher.

German Márquez (@germanmarquez_45) 92 posts; 9,536 followers — A mix of baseball, inspirational quotes, and Márquez’s son.

Ryan McMahon (@rymcmahon) 73 posts; 5,905 followers — Mostly baseball and non-baseball life here. Since he’s bought a house, perhaps we’ll be seeing some home decor pics.

Harrison Musgrave (@harrisonmusgrave59) 23 posts; 1,149 followers — Primarily baseball and West Virginia.

Scott Oberg (@scottoberg25) 163 posts; 2,958 followers — Oberg is mostly baseball and family with a bit of soccer.

Seungwhan Oh (@seunghwanoh_26) 106 posts; 31.5K followers — If you’re not following this account, you’re missing out. Oh provides insight into his life in Korea wonderful baseball pics. Also, his translator, Eugene Koo, is at @kookie612.

Bryan Shaw (@bryan_shaw) 1 post; 125 followers — There’s one pic, and it’s from Shaw’s time in Cleveland. Now you know.

Trevor Story (@trevv4) 46 posts; 73.9K followers — Mostly baseball, shoes (the man loves shoes), and family.

Raimel Tapia (@raimeltapia) — 327 posts; 8,524 posts — Tapia’s Instagram provides insight into the evolution of his “mucho swagger” look and baseball lifestyle.

Tony Wolters (@tonywolters) 300 posts; 14.2K followers — A mix of at-home and baseball-related information. (Also: another dog.) Plus, it’s where he first revealed the mustache he worked on during the off-season.


Here are future Rockies to follow: Rayan Gonzalez (@rayang34), Yonathan Daza (@yonathandaza94), Josh Fuentes (@jfuent19), Mike Tauchman (@mike_tauchman), Justin Lawrence (@justinlawrence1125), Yency Almonte (@showtimealmonte), Brendan Rodgers (@brendanrod_3), and Jesus Tinoco (@jesusrtinoco).

This is a starting point, and I’m sure there are more I’ve missed — leave the names in the comments. Also, if you’re following any Rockies on Instagram, who are your recommendations?