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This Week in Purple: Maybe a snow-out was just what the Rockies needed

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What was good for you this week?

Last week, Eric Garcia McKinley asked you in this space if you were a glass half empty or a glass half full person when it came to the 2019 Colorado Rockies. It was reasonable to be optimistic even as red flags cropped up all over Coors Field over the weekend. One week later, it’s still too early to be totally negative, but the Rockies haven’t exactly given us reasons for hope either.

To be more specific, the Rockies went an entire week without winning a game. They have mostly given us reasons to wonder what the heck is wrong, and they have made the optimists among us work hard to argue that things will still be OK.

With that in mind, we start with the weather as a thing that was good.

What was good

Wednesday’s snow-out came at a good time for the Rockies. Not for anybody else, of course. April snowstorms are annoying, and hopefully just that and nothing more serious depending on where you are.

But I don’t think any of us felt like the Rockies were going to turn things around Wednesday afternoon, not after the way those first two games against the Atlanta Braves went.

What was bad

Brown snow. Up here in Minnesota, we apparently had a system that had mixed with some dust or something from the southwest part of the country? My driveway was covered in brown snow. It was very strange. We also had thunder while it was snowing, and that was also very strange.

What was good

Trevor Story showing some signs of life. He’ll need to be more consistent and he’ll need some of his friends on offense to join him, but there was at least a glimmer of hope with some of his at-bats this week.

What was bad

Kyle Freeland and German Márquez. That’s rare, of course, but boy did it come at a bad time for this Rockies team.

What was very, very bad

The injury news. David Dahl was clearly the best player for the Rockies so far, and he is now on the injured list with another one of those ominous mid-section injuries. Those can be a bugger for any player and they are especially concerning with Dahl’s injury history.

Chris Haft of reported on Thursday night that the Rockies are going to “play it safe” with Dahl’s injury. That feels even more ominous. Maybe I should have added “very” a couple more times to this bad thing, and that’s before I even mention the injuries to Ryan McMahon and Tyler Anderson.

What was good

Effectively Wild was a podcast I spent a lot of time with a few years ago. I listened to it on road trips and on walks and at work. I loved it, and there were times that I genuinely found it comforting. I felt like listening to Sam Miller and Ben Lindbergh (Sam and Ben, or Ben and Sam, depending on who you are) was like hanging out with a couple friends.

So I was a little bummed a couple years ago when the hosts changed because Miller changed jobs. Fast forward to last night, and I discovered that they are once again doing the podcast together a couple times a week. They actually have been for a while, apparently. That was good! I recommend that podcast to anybody who is interested.

What else was good

The beauty of baseball. The Rockies are back out there with a chance almost every night to turn this thing around. And it can happen quickly. Just imagine how good we would all feel after a series win against the San Francisco Giants.

What was good for you this week?