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Purple Dinosaur Podcast 161: Let’s forget the Rockies start and remember some Rockies

Things are bad

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It’s probably no stretch to say that this is the worst start to a season in Colorado Rockies franchise history, and that’s because of one thing: expectations. It’s also cool that SCIENCE released the first pictures ever taken of a black hole this week because that’s pretty much what the 2019 baseball season has felt like so far.

Fear not, loyal listener! Things will (maybe?) be fine (or they might not be, actually). We’ll discuss some of the reasons the Rockies find themselves mired in a 3-10 start, what is to blame, how to cope with it, and — most importantly — some ways perhaps to get out of it. There are still some positive things to look at in the brutal beginning to this year, so we’ll put a spotlight on those for a minute, but yeah, everything else feels pretty rough.

We’d love to tell you that this is just a blip on the radar screen and all will be well, but the thing about baseball is that you never really know how anything is going to go. That’s beautiful when things are going well. It’s agonizing when they’re not. Still, we’ll suffer (and hopefully cheer) through it all with you.

Plus we debut a new segment called “Let’s Remember Some Rockies” this week, which we thoroughly enjoyed and hope you will, too.

It’s the 161st episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Pull it out of the Nintendo and blow in the cartridge and restart it for hopefully a better outcome!