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Giants 5, Rockies 2: Eight straight losses for the Rockies

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Boy, this is sure turning into a disaster.

The Colorado Rockies are sticking to a familiar formula this season. Score very few runs, like two in any given game at the absolute most, and make your pitchers live and die on each run they allow, knowing it will probably be more than enough for the other team to win. That was the story again on Saturday afternoon as the Rockies lost to the Giants 5-2 to make it eight straight losses.

The grind for Kyle Freeland

The prevailing wisdom entering this game was that the Rockies needed a lengthy start from Freeland. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to deliver in the way we would have liked, going five innings while allowing three runs on nine hits.

It was the way that Freeland was forced to try to work around all those hits that made it a grind. That said, this should have been a perfectly acceptable start for a team that needed a win. Unfortunately his teammates weren’t able to take advantage once again. It didn’t help that Madison Bumgarner started and pitched well for the Giants, but I doubt any of us are willing to accept that as the reason for another bad day from this offense.

The missed opportunities

Down 3-2 in the top of the eighth inning, the Rockies had a chance when Chris Iannetta started the inning with a lead-off double. It was a chance to put at least a run together by moving the runner over and getting him home, and ideally a chance to tack on more damage than that.

Raimel Tapia struck out swinging. Charlie Blackmon struck out swinging. Garrett Hampson struck out swinging. Add that half inning to the growing list of moments that illustrate why this team’s horrid offense has them among the worst teams in baseball with a 3-12 record.

The hopeless conclusion

Seunghwan Oh and Mike Dunn worked together in the bottom of the eighth to allow the Giants to scrap together a couple more runs to stretch out their lead. It must be as frustrating for those pitchers as it is for us watching to know that the game is a lost cause, if it wasn’t already, simply because today was one of the days over the course of a long season that they gave up runs.

Oh was particularly bad and is part of the story of this loss. But we know the real problem with this team both in this game and so far in the 2019 season.

Looking ahead

The Giants scored more runs on Saturday than the Rockies have in the three games of this series. German Márquez will take the mound tomorrow opposite Derek Holland, and he will presumably need to hit three home runs on top of pitching well to end this losing streak.