3 Up, 3 Down

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Happy off day Rockies fans! We are 18 games (or about 10%) into the season, and I figured it was time for me to start a new idea I have been thinking about. The concept of this column is simple, every 16 games or so I will post my "3 Up 3 Down" column about 3 Rockies doing well and 3 doing poorly. As an avid fan and aspiring writer, I figured this was an easy way for me to write about my favorite team on a somewhat regular schedule. Enjoy and let me know if you think I’m right, wrong, or just an idiot.

3 Up:

German Marquez

  • Who else could we start with? With a 2.00 ERA & 25 Ks in 27 IP German has picked up right where he left off in 2018. Not to mention putting the team on his back with a one-hitter against the dreaded Giants.

  • Is it too early to start the Marquez for Cy Young bandwagon? Because if not I'm more than willing to hop straight to the front and lead the damn thing.

  • My only concern with German has nothing to so with his sizzling heater, knee-buckling curve, or dirty slider but instead with his nickname. According to his nickname is Marquee, but are we all consenting to this? German "Marquee" Marquez seems fine but I think it's our responsibility on Purple Row to come up with something a little more clever. Germaninator? Must see Marquee? The Ace Who Was Promised? Let's get something cooking in the comment segment and flesh this out

David Dahl

  • In the 10 games he's played this year he is batting .343, with an OPS of 1.013 and an OPS+ 142 (42% better than league average)

  • Unfortunately in traditional David Dahl fashion just as he heated up, he fell to another injury. Thankfully it was only a minor core injury, and he will be back for tomorrow's game against the Phillies.

  • I understand arguments that he hasn't played enough to warrant being on this list but think about it this way; he has the same number of XBH in his 35 ABs (5) as Trevor Story and Charlie Blackmon have in their 70 & 73 ABs respectively. Efficient

Bryan Shaw

  • Had to give a shoutout to a guy most would consider to be Public Enemy #1 from the 2018 season (on second thought maybe he was tied for that "honor" with Desi)

  • He is tied for the team lead with 9 appearances and leads Rockies relievers with 10.1 Innings pitched. He holds a tidy 0.87 ERA and has a WHIP of 0.97.

  • You could argue that his peripheral numbers aren't great (5.56 FIP) and that he's walked more batters than he has struck out (5 BBs to 3 Ks.) But you know what he's been getting outs and has been a pleasant surprise so far. Let's give him his due before we throw him back into the fire the second he reverts back to his 2018 form.

Honorable Mentions: Nolan for his home run streak, Ian Desmond's defense, and Jon Gray for his very solid start to the season.

3 Down:

Kyle Freeland

  • Unfortunately, I've got to call out our native son for his slow start to the season. Before you guys show up with pitchforks at my home, I need everyone to know that I am a Kyle Freeland Guy, but with a 5.40 ERA and 4.15 BB/9 (up from 3.11 BB/9 from last year) it's fair to look at his current results and say they are not up to par with our expectations for our young ace this season.
  • I say we just blame this on his blister issue and get ready for him to heat up, we all know Freeland has got ice in his veins and will be leading this rotation down the stretch.

Charlie Blackmon

  • Unfortunately for Rockies fans, another favorite has had a very rough start to the season. Chuck Nasty has batted a paltry .219, has an OPS of .567, and even more concerning he hasn't hit a home run this year.

  • I'm becoming concerned that Charlie's decision to hit with a wet pool noodle was a bad idea and I'd recommend he get back to hitting with a real bat ASAP.

Injury List

  • Our injury list might be the MVP of the entire NL West right now.

  • The Rockies are currently missing: Tyler Anderson, David Dahl, Chris Iannetta, Jake McGee, Ryan McMahon, Chris Rusin, Noel Cuevas & Daniel Murphy. Throw in Kyle Freeland with his blisters issue and we've got enough players to field a beer softball team.

  • That's 2 SP, 4 players expected to be regulars in our lineup, our top 2 lefties in the pen, and a recently called up outfielder who was on FIRE in AAA. A wise man once said that "When it rains it pours" and the first tenth of this season has taught everyone obsessed with the Black Street Bombers its truth. On the bright side, this is a chance to give our younger players an opportunity to play and gain some experience.

Dishonorable Mentions: Ian Desmond's offense, Chad Bettis' slow start, & DJ Johnson

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).