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How bright can 2019 get for the Rockies?

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Rockies news and links for April 26, 2019

MHS Roundtable: Surveying Rockies’ landscape thus far | Mile High Sports

The Rockies are sitting at the bottom of the NL West right now, with an 11-14 record. Mile High Sports talks over the start and where the Rockies can go from here. They start out by discussing who the best player is on the team. It’s a tight race between Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story. Both have had somewhat slow starts to the season, but there’s still faith that they’ll pull it together and be the dominant infielders and unstoppable hitters that we’ve seen in them before. The next question is if German Marquez or Kyle Freeland have a brighter future. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s more or less a consensus that Marquez is poised for huge success. Freeland absolutely has a great road ahead of him, but Marquez might slightly edge him out in terms of potential. Next up is whether or not the bullpen can carry on the way it’s been. The bullpen has been a bit of a bright spot, and only time will tell if they can maintain their trajectory. Finally, they discuss if the Rockies will finish the season over .500. The agreement is upon yes, but the follow-up question to that is whether or not they’ll make the playoffs, which is still looking a bit shaky.

VIDEO: Colorado Rockies talk on Nolan Arenado and Chad Bettis | Rox Pile

Rockies fans are still waiting for the boys in purple to start looking more like themselves. We’ve got the first chunk of the season under our belts, but we’re keeping an eye out for the stars we know and love to perform, one of whom is Nolan Arenado. He had a slow start, but after getting that first home run of the year on April 14, he’s looking much better. He’s hitting .313 with four home runs and eight RBIs. He’s also looking more like himself on defense, giving us some great Nolan being Nolan moments. Another improved player is Chad Bettis, who is looking better as a reliever rather than a starter. Hopefully, these two and others can continue to show us the fantastic things they can do.

Rockies outfielder Raimel Tapia, with flash, web gems, and a bat “con mucho swagger,” is forcing himself into a starting role | Denver Post ($)

The Rockies have started to turn the tide on the 2019 season, and a big part of that has been Raimel Tapia. The outfielder has had some success in the past couple years as a part-time, fill-in kind of guy, but he’s starting to show that every game can have some “Tap Time.” He’s hitting .370 in his last 10 games, with doubles and triples and home runs, oh my. He attributes the success to working on his stance while hitting, and it seems to be working for him. There are still some reservations about his starting every day, as Bud Black still hopes to see production out of Ian Desmond. Tapia also could use some development with defensive smarts, as he occasionally flubs and misses a play. However, he’s got the skills, and he’ll be a great asset to the Rockies.

On the Farm

The Albuquerque Isotopes strung together many hits in their loss against the Bees, with Sam Hilliard (no. 11 PuRP) and Brendan Rodgers (no. 1 PuRP) leading with three hits each. Hilliard also led with three RBIs and had a home run. Manny Melendez with the Yard Goats drove in three runners and had a home run.

Triple-A: Salt Lake Bees 8, Albuquerque Isotopes 7 |

Double-A: Harrisburg Senators 10, Hartford Yard Goats 7 |

High-A: Lancaster Jethawks 5, Lake Elsinore Storm 1 |

Low-A: West Virginia Power 5, Asheville Tourists 1 |