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Colorado Rockies podcast: The season is un-cancelled

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks the Rockies resurgence, and the emergence of Raimel Tapia

Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Listen to this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Purple Row

Your favorite Colorado Rockies podcast is back for another week, and your favorite baseball team looks like a real baseball team again! After nabbing the series finale over the Nationals on Wednesday, the Rockies have now won eight of their last 10 games since a 3-12 start. Some of the reasons behind that include a resurgent Nolan Arenado, Raimel Tapia discovering himself as an everyday player, and solid pitching that has been steady on its rough days and great on its best. We’ll discuss all of those elements.

Plus, does Tapia’s emergence mean that Ian Desmond is finally being pushed into a platoon or reserve role? That seems unlikely given the team’s steadfast dedication to getting him at-bats and playing time no matter, you know, the results. But the Rockies’ young outfielder is crushing everything thrown his way lately — just like he did at every stop in his minor league career — and making himself a viable option to be a big league regular.

We’ll discuss the strangely tepid start to the season for most every team in baseball, as well, and what the Rockies’ next month brings schedule-wise for a team that opened April nine games below .500 and could fi above .500 with a strong finish.

All that and more on this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Free with your subscription to Sports Illustrated for Kids!