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Purple Row poetry slam: Rockies poems for National Poetry Month

Purple poems to wrap up April

April is National Poetry Month and, according to my calendar, we have just enough time for a contextually appropriate Purple Row poetry slam. Not that we necessarily need that justification, but it helps. The downside to that is we may have to start doing this for other themed months. But the upside is that May is National Pet Month, so get ready for a boatload of Rookie pictures.

Anyway, enjoy these poems on this final day of National Poetry Month, and add your own to the comments as well!

★ ★ ★

The Rage of Oberg

(with apologies to Homer and thanks to Connor Farrell)

Coors — Goddess, sing the rage of Charlotte Rose’s father, Oberg,

ruddy cheeked, purple clad, who meted out a cold autumn loss to the Cubs,

hurling down on the House of Wrigley so many sliders,

great hitters’ souls — Bryant, Gore, Báez, Almora Jr. — their bats left broken,

keepsakes for the bat boys and grounds crew,

— srd

★ ★ ★

Ian Desmond, a haiku

Hitting fly balls is
Not always a solution
Walks in short supply


★ ★ ★

The qualities of a Ghost

We know it when we see it, ineffable
We debate it because we know it, ungraspable
We want what we don’t know
We demand what we can’t see
A Ghost, an Ace


★ ★ ★

Ode to Coors Field

‘A product of their home park’

Is what you might hear

For your favorite Rockies’ player

Who just had a career year

You just know they’re gonna hit

At high elevation

Pay no mind to the metrics

They must be aberration

But a team built on pitching

How could it be?

For a team at Coors Field?

Put simply, K-Free

Add Márquez and Gray

Someone must be an ace

Even at Coors Field

The starters are setting the pace

The Coors takes have flowed

Since 1995’s inception

Why isn’t Walker in the Hall?

Don’t buy into deception

With a full row of purple

Laid out one mile high

And party decks plenty

That reach to the sky

We honor Coors Field

Through thick and through thin

It’s not just a gimmick

To say so is a sin

A World Series win

That’s all that is missing

Could this be the year?

It’s what we’re all wishing