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Colorado Rockies podcast: Returning to Denver after a just fine road trip

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks offensive woes and and German Márquez contract

Baseball returns to the Greatest Place on Earth (TM), Coors Field this weekend! That is the salve that cures all wounds which is good because the Rockies offense looked rather wounded the last week in Florida. It wasn’t what you would call a great road trip through Miami and Tampa, but it also wasn’t the abject disaster it felt like at one point. The Rockies will come home to Denver at 3-4 and get set to face the million-time reigning National League West-champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

We’ll discuss some of the things that seem to have plagued the Rockies’ offense this past week from the injury to and absence of Daniel Murphy to young bats getting their first regular big league work to the fact that the Marlins and — especially — the Rays have some really damned good pitching.

This week also brought the news of a contract extension for German Márquez, who has pitched quite well through his first two times out. We’ll discuss that and break down some of the other items of note and concern and praise around Rockies pitching to begin the year.

Plus a breakdown of Rockies Minor League affiliates’ Opening Night rosters, a discussion on how annoying Bryce Harper’s stupid bow is, and a debate on the merits of the extension economy currenly running through Major League Baseball.

All that and more is here on the 160th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Happy (home) Opening Day!