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Welcoming the Rockies back to Coors Field

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Rockies news and links for April 5, 2019

Rockies Insider: Colorado’s opening road trip reveals series of omens for 2019 season | Denver Post ($)

In these early days of the 2019 season, there are some warning signs reminiscent of last year. First off, the pitching rotation is still a bit shaky. Kyle Freeland and German Marquez are quite stable, but the back end didn’t look quite as good. The abysmal offense does not bode well, either. The Rockies were meant to work on offense in the offseason after a franchise-low .256, but so far, the plate discipline and lack of hitting is not impressing anyone. In other bad news, the Rockies big offseason attainment, Daniel Murphy, suffered a finger fracture that will bench him for four to six weeks. Jake McGee also suffered an injury, a knee strain, that led to Carlos Estevez being recalled from Triple A. Some good news for the Rockies came in the form of a contract extension with German Marquez. The young pitcher has continued to develop and impress on the mound and he’s a great long-term addition to the pitching rotation.

Rockies would be wise to extend hometown ace Kyle Freeland | Mile High Sports

Kyle Freeland has been a hometown favorite in his time with the Rockies so far. His performance has shown that he deserves a contract extension. Freeland will be eligible for arbitration next year, and the Rockies might consider avoiding arbitration and offering him an extension like they did with German Marquez. Freeland arrived on the scene and dominated the mound, finding himself in contention for the Cy Young award after an unbelievable 2018. Rockies pitching has been a bit rocky of late, and locking down a future with an ace like Freeland could be a step toward success.

Colorado Rockies: A return to Home, Sweet Home | Rox Pile

Friday marks the Rockies’ home opener for the 2019 season. The Rox had a bit of a rough start on the road, suffering from those Florida woes. The lack of any kind of offense was disheartening, but the hope is that the Denver air works a bit more in their favor. Fortunately, the pitching showed some real promise, with Kyle Freeland and German Marquez unsurprisingly killing it. The Rockies homecoming is tough, as they’ll start off against the Dodgers, but hopefully the fans in purple can help give them a boost.

Colorado Rockies prospect Justin Lawrence skyrockets to Triple-A | Rox Pile

Twenty-four-year-old righty Justin Lawrence was promoted straight from Class A to Triple-A. He had impressive outings last season and in the spring. He also took advantage of all the learning opportunities being around veteran players provides. Lawrence has a unique pitching style, and that could be a huge boon in the Rockies arsenal.

Rockies to dawn new uniform combo in 2019 | Mile High Sports

The Rockies will look a little different when they take the field this year. Their new pants with special jerseys — like the purple ones or the black vests — will not have pinstripes and are solid white instead.