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Rockies sign Jorge De La Rosa to minor league contract

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It’s a minor move, but it could be a savvy one if the 38-year-old has something left

In a minor move that may not have any impact on the major league team, but is certainly noteworthy, the Rockies have signed left-handed pitcher Jorge De La Rosa to a minor league contract. He’s in extended spring training in Arizona. Sage Farron mentioned the signing in today’s Rockpile.

De La Rosa is one of the most successful pitchers in Rockies history, having pitched for the team for nine season from 2008-2016. While he was almost exclusively a starter for the Rockies, De La Rosa pitched in a relief role for the Diamondbacks and Cubs over the past two seasons, and to some success. He posted a 3.77 ERA over 10713 innings, which was good for an adjusted ERA about 20 percent better than league average.

Again, this may not have much impact on the major league team in 2019, but if Jorge still has some gas left in the tank, he could be a really useful bullpen option during the course of a long season.