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The cons still outweighing pros for the Rockies

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Rockies news and links for April 9, 2019

Colorado Rockies: The good, the bad, and the ugly | Rox Pile

The Rockies record dropped to 3-7 prior to Monday’s game, and while it’s been disappointing, there’s still plenty of time for things to turn around. On the bright side, German Marquez has been pretty unstoppable on the mound, which has seemed amplified by his contract extension. The less than good news has been the utter lack of offense. They Rockies haven’t been able to get much of anything together in terms of hitting, and between injuries and playing opposite strong pitchers, the Rockies need to get this figured out. The ugly list is a little too long to be comfortable. Ian Desmond’s hitting, Tyler Anderson’s and Chad Bettis’s performances, and even Jon Gray all have us putting our heads in our hands and wondering when they’ll get it all figured out.

Tyler Anderson, Steven Brault, and Mike Leake on Learning Their Changeups | FanGraphs

Picking up a new pitch can be very difficult for a pitcher. There’s new mechanics and timing to figure out, and it can take some real work. Tyler Anderson talks with FanGraphs about how he learned the changeup. He says initially he tried to figure it out by watching others, but once he got to college at the University of Oregon, he had to really learn it. He worked hard to find the right grip that worked for him and gave him the right amount of control. And it’s worked for him, with a pretty successful changeup.

Trevor Story picks up some advice from Alex Rodriguez | Mile High Sports

The Colorado Rockies played a Sunday Night Baseball game for the first time in 18 years, and they got more or less wrecked by the Dodgers. However, it was still good to have the ESPN crew come to Denver. Trevor Story was able to speak with Alex Rodriguez, about baseball and a baseball career. This was a big deal for Story, who grew up watching A-Rod play. Story has developed into a real leader among the Rockies, and this shows in the respect between the two baseball men.

Tapia looking to capitalize on opportunities |

Raimel Tapia is out of minor league options, and it’s now or never for him to shine with the Rockies. David Dahl’s oblique injury will hopefully not keep him out too long, but Tapia now has a chance to prove himself. Tapia has to remain in control, rather than chasing pitches and not getting much contact. He also has to stay calm, playing loose rather than being a bit uptight. Tapia has his own style, and that’s something he should definitely embrace. He brings a uniqueness, and if he can make that work for him on and off the field, 2019 might be Tapia’s year.

In Rockies association minor league news, the Lancaster Jethawks fell behind early to Lake Elsinore. The Isotopes topped the Salt Lake Bees 9-4. Harrisburg defeated the Hartford Yard Goats, and the Asheville Tourists’ game got postponed due to rain.