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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: Should Rockies fans worry about Kyle Freeland?

PDP also looks at the weekend series against San Diego

Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Listen to this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Purple Row

On this week’s edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, Anthony and Tyler are in the same location where they are joined by Anthony’s wife, Nicole, and Tyler’s dog, Laika! Thanks to the folks at Chain Reaction Brewing Company, who unwittingly hosted this episode and provided no resources for it but still served us some delicious beverages for Episode 165.

The Rockies are coming off an insane win over the San Francisco Giants in which they gave up 11 runs but still somehow came away victorious. We’ll discuss Kyle Freeland’s start and whether or not Rockies fans should be worried about where their hometown ace is at this point in the season.

Plus, another division rival arrives this weekend for a three-game series at Coors Field. We’ll run through the pitching matchups with the Padres and how this set stacks up for Colorado before hitting the road again. Also thrown in here, a discussion of what the worst lineup in Rockies history would look like which required way more thought and consideration than we anticipated.

All that and more is here on the 165th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Order a couple extras.