3 Up, 3 Down: The Revenge of Chuck Nazty

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Happy Tuesday readers! Following up on yesterdays off day I thought I would bring you the second edition of 3 Up, 3 Down. All statistics and analysis in this post will be dealing with the last 22 games of our beloved Rockies (starting with their April 18th win over the Phillies and ending with last Sundays win over the Padres.) Over this 22 game stretch, the Rockies are 13-9 and for the season the Rockies are 19-21. Now without further ado

3 Up:

Charlie Blackmon

  • I like to think of myself as a man of integrity (partying and gambling habits aside) and that means I've got to admit when I put my foot in my mouth. Well wow was I wrong about this one, since my comment about Charlie's choice to use a wet pool noodle as a bat our beloved bearded outfielder has been on FIRE. In his 103 plate attempts since deciding to go back to a wood bat, he has hit 19 extra base hits, including 8 homers, and is slashing a robust .374/.427/.791 and is the proud owner of a mighty 1.238 OPS.
  • His adjustments at the plate (chronicled by's Thomas Harding) have taken him back to his 2017 form. The last 22 games have seen Chuck hitting the ball to the opposite field with more authority and I think it's safe to say that when Charlie is playing well the rest of the lineup follows suit.

Nolan Arenado

  • Big Nole also started the season slowly but in his last 96 plate attempts, he has shown why he is arguably the best player in the NL. He has mashed 7 homers, driven in 21 runs and is slashing .364/.396/.716.
  • Just as impressive to me is the amount of contact he has been making recently, he is only striking out in 12.5% of his at-bats which is tied with Daniel Murphy for the lowest K% during this stretch. For the season Nolan is only striking out in 10.8% of his at-bats which is below his career range of 14-18%, could we be seeing an offensive evolution from Nolan?

Raimel Tapia

  • Talk about a shot in the arm for this team! Tapia's speed, defense, high contact approach, mixed with more-than-expected pop has been a godsend for the Rockies this year.
  • Over this 22 game stretch, Tapia has been up to the plate 65 times and has rewarded Bud Black's faith with a .350 batting average and 1.150 OPS. He's mashing at the plate, playing more disciplined defense and his swagger is intoxicating. I would also like to add that as a bald man I don't think I'm more jealous of anything in the world than those beautiful dreads.
  • One cause for concern for Raimel is his astronomically high BABIP (Batting average on balls in play) the league average is .300 and over the last 22 games, he is at .432. He is due for regression and when that happens is he going to be able to make the necessary adjustment to continue his success?
Honorable Mention: Ian Desmond sneaky good at the plate (.907 OPS over his last 65 PA), Trevor Story, Scott Oberg


Starting rotation

  • The Rockies has had a very bad turn of the rotation. Rockies starters hold a 6.32 ERA over the last 22 starts and unfortunately, no starters have been immune from this slump.
  • Marquez has a 4.7 ERA, Freeland has a 6.26 ERA, Gray owns a 5.24 ERA, Senza has a 6.33 ERA, and Tyler Anderson owned a putrid 12.34 ERA before being sent down. The fact that the Rockies have had a 13-9 record over this stretch is a testament to how good the offense has been. I'm bullish that the rotation will bounce back because there is too much talent to be this bad but we are going to need guys to step up if we want any chance of catching the Dodgers.

Ryan McMahon

  • I love Ryan McMahon and I think he's going to be a stud but he has been up and down this year and the last 22 games have been mostly down.
  • Over his last 78 PA Ryan has hit .243/.321/.386 for a meager .706 OPS. I've seen Ryan have good at-bats over the course of the season but the consistency is not their yet for him. He did have 2 hits on Sunday so hopefully, that will be a catalyst for him to start heating up.
  • As a side note: In the past it has been fair to criticize Bud black for playing vets too long (Desmond, Shaw last year) but Black has stuck with him through his mini-slump and I think in the long run it will be beneficial for him to get the chance to work through some of his struggles.

Seunghwan Oh

  • Oh has had a very rough season and this stretch is no different. He has pitched to the tune of 12.96 ERA over his last 8 1/3 IP and has especially been hurt by the long ball. (He has given up 4 homers in those appearances) He was expected to be one of our consistent relievers and if he can't turn it around soon it's going to make the Rockies much more aggressive buyers at the trade deadline.
Dishonorable Mention: DJ Johnson, Garrett Hampson, Mark Reynolds

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