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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: The Rockies next chance to make up ground

Plus, PDP take your questions with an #AskPDP segment

The Rockies have played pretty middle-of-the-road ball as of late. After starting the season nine games under the .500 mark through their first 15 games, they’re five over ever since. Still, there isn’t a lot going great at the moment, and there isn’t a lot going terribly. On this week’s episode of your favorite Colorado Rockies podcast, we discuss this strange road trip, the Rockies’ recent struggles with heaps of strikeouts, and the possibility that they can finally make up some ground with a homestand coming against some of the weaker teams in the American League squads.

Top prospect Brendan Rodgers has arrived at the big league level, but with the Rockies continuing to run a maybe-not-full-healthy Daniel Murphy out to first base and with Ryan McMahon in need of starts and at-bats, too, where can Rodgers get everyday work?

Plus, we take your #AskPDP queries on everything from possible trade targets to what the coolest future renovations at Coors Field would be. All that and more is on this week’s edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Jam it in your earholes!